We fell in love with Le Nid d'Hirondelle while on our honeymoon. Though it will be many years until retirement for us, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy your time in this piece of forgotten France.

Please make yourselves at home and create wonderful memories with your family and friends.  We hope you will share your stories and pictures with us.

Bonnes vacances!

Joanne & Frederick

Evelyn B. (Boo) Farquharson

Evelyn, a rescue pup, is a loving enthusiastic dog who thinks she's a lap dog and can't contain herself when loved ones come home.  She joined the Farquharson clan in 2016.  According to our veterinarian, she is a 'purebred shaggy black dog'.   

Beatrice Q. (Queen Bea) Farquharson

Beatrice proudly holds the place of eldest child and has been a part of the Farquharson family since she was a puppy.  She is a non-shedding Australian shepherd/poodle mix, is made easily jealous and requires constant love. 

After having lived many years in the small sailing town of Annapolis, Maryland on the east coast of the United States, Joanne and Frederick Farquharson moved to Scott's hometown of Surbiton, England outside of London in 2014.  Joanne is a investment executive.  Frederick manages global operations for an international yacht charter company. 

They both have a passion for France.  Joanne's mother grew up in a small village in the Alsace region of northeastern France.  Frederick, a dual US/UK citizen, has many fond memories of childhood trips to Paris.  They spend time in France whenever they can.

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